Change For Change


Grace and Peace to you all! We are Kingdom Faith Outreach Ministries/VW Haynes Ministries in Columbus, Georgia. We are in need of a new location to have worship and to continue to help, aid and bless our community. We are currently leasing a building that is in a commercial redeveloping area that will be used for commercial retail development.  We realize that we will have to move and we are seeking a place of worship to call home.  We are a ministry that feed the homeless, clothe the naked, and pray and minister on the streets of our city, give Christmas toys to needy children,  coats and blankets to the homeless, summer camps for underprivileged children, educate and train  and so much more. We are not just a church in the community, we are the community and we need your help!

We believe God when we started the ministry in 2007 and we believe God now! We believe the Word of God as it states, “Ask and it shall be given”. We are asking you to help us with our Campaign… A CHANGE FOR CHANGE!  This slogan was adopted as we started to collect what some would called “change” ($1.00 or more) toward the building of a new church home.  We know God can do it and we ask that if God has touched your heart to help that you would be obedient to Him.  We know that when you help someone else, you are also helping yourself and the Lord will have mercy on us all!

Give whatever the Lord places on your heart….no amount is too big or too small! All donations will be handled with honesty and integrity!

Soon we will say, “Look what the Lord has done and it is marvelous in our eyes.” YOU HEARD THE STORY NOW BE A PART OF THE GLORY!!!!!!